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The choice of transformation scheme of numerical control machine tool

In recent years, with the expansion of domestic demand for various types of machine tool transformation, transformation of the machine tool has gradually formed an industry. Most of them are the transformation of CNC machine tools, but also a part of the business from the upgrading of the non CNC machine tools.
One, the modern numerical control drive product brings the rich choice
As the core agent of SIEMENS CNC products and systems integrators, we have used SIEMENS products for the majority of users in these years to provide services. Siemens products update also in recent years appeared new weather, change the past Germany electrical products expensive effemination image, forming a situation and hutch of NC products in Japan the whole world.
1, 802S/C SINUMERIK system:
802S and 802C system standard configuration package with all the necessary components: PLC, NC, operation panel, machine tool control panel, input / output unit and system software.
Operating programming is extremely simple, maintenance free, high performance and cost ratio, is designed for the low end of the CNC machine tool market and the development of economic type CNC control system. Sales in China are very successful.
802S/C two systems with the same display, the operator panel, CNC function, PLC programming method, the difference is only SINUMERIK
SINUMERIK 802S with step drive system, stepper motor control, with three step into the drive shaft and a + / - 10V analog servo spindle.
802C with servo drive system, which uses the traditional analog servo + / - 10V interface up with three servo drive shafts and a servo motor. Latest launch of 802Se/Ce,
It is the CPU, the input and output points, control interface and other parts of all integrated in the panel, the integration of the design makes the use of maintenance is more convenient. Therefore, 802S and 802C system is very suitable for ordinary machine tools, numerical control of the transformation of CNC machine tools and CNC machine tools and the transformation of cnc. We have used the occasion of CNC lathes, CNC boring and milling machine, CNC grinding machine, gun drilling machine, plane, etc..

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