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Basic knowledge of CNC lathe

Basic knowledge of CNC lathe. With the rapid development of science and technology and the rapid development of social production, mechanical products become more and more complex, the quality of mechanical products and productivity requirements are more and more high. In the aerospace, military and computer industries, parts of high precision, complex shape, small batch, often change, processing difficulties, low production efficiency, labor intensity, quality is difficult to guarantee. Machining process automation is the most important means of the development of intelligent and intelligent.
In order to solve the above problems, a flexible, general, high precision, efficient "flexible" automated production equipment, a CNC machine tools in this case. At present, the numerical control technology has been gradually popularized, and the numerical control machine tool has been widely used in the industrial production, which has become an important development direction of the machine tool automation.

1, numerical control
(1) the significance of numerical control:
Digital control, digital control, digital program control.
The essence of numerical control is to automatically control the motion of the mechanical device through the digital information under the specific processing mode, which is different from the program control through continuous change simulation.
Because of the control information in the numerical control, and the processing of these short information can not be separated from the computer, so the automatic control technology, referred to as numerical control. Numerical control, especially for CNC machine tools. Besides, numerical control is also widely used in the field of measurement, physical and chemical test and analysis, material and information transmission, construction and scientific management.
(2) classification of numerical control:
Early NC machine tool NC device by various logic element, memory element composed of random logic circuits, is the hardware structure of the fixed wiring, hardware to achieve NC function, called the numerical control of the hardware, this technique is used to realize the NC machine tool commonly known as NC machine tool.
Computer numerical control, referred to as CNC. Modern computer numerical control (CNC) system is the use of microprocessor or special computer numerical control system, by pre storing in a memory system program to realize control logic, achieved partial or segment of NC function and by interfacing with the peripheral device connection, said for the CNC system, such a machine commonly known for CNC machine tools.
2, machine tool numerical control and the numerical control machine tool
(1) machine tool numerical control
NC machine tool is refers to the processing procedures for the preparation of the, the control instruction to digital signal recorded on the information medium, after the input to a computer for processing and various action of machine sequence, velocity and displacement achieve automatic control technology. The control object is specially designed for the machining of machine tools and machine tools, the machine tools mentioned here not only refer to the metal cutting machine tools.
(2) numerical control machine tool
CNC machine tool is a kind of mechanical and electrical equipment, which is controlled by the digital information to control the machine according to the given movement rule.
Numerical control machine tool is the product of the combination of digital control technology and machine tool, the machine tool numerical control technology is realized through the numerical control machine tool processing technology, the key of the numerical control technology is to learn and make good use of the.
A country's machine tool numerical control rate, reflecting the level of the country's machine tool industry and machinery manufacturing industry, and is also an important symbol of national science and technology progress. It is of great significance to realize the automation of production process, promote the progress of science and technology and accelerate the construction of modernization. The developed countries regard the numerical control technology as the strategic focus of the development of the machinery industry, and vigorously promote and develop the numerical control machine tool.
3, CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools:
Compared with traditional machine tools, CNC machine tools have the following characteristics.
(1) with a high degree of flexibility
In CNC machine tools, machining parts, mainly depends on the processing program, it is different from ordinary machine tools, do not have to manufacture, replace many molds, fixtures, do not need to adjust the machine. Therefore, numerical control machine tool used in the processing of parts of frequent replacement of the situation, i.e., suitable for single, small batch production and development, thereby shortening the production preparation period, save the cost of a large number of process equipment.
(2) machining accuracy is high
NC machine tool machining accuracy generally can reach 0.05 - 0.1mm, NC machine tool is in the form of a digital signal control, numerical control device, the output of each pulse signal, moving parts of the machine tool moving with a pulse equivalent (0.001 mm), and average error of machine tool feed drive chain backlash and screw pitch can be curved compensation by the numerical control device. Therefore, the positioning accuracy of CNC machine tools is relatively high.
(3) processing quality is stable and reliable.
Processing the same batch of parts, in the same machine tool, under the same processing conditions, the use of the same tool and machining procedures, tool path exactly the same tool, parts of the consistency of good, stable quality.
(4) high productivity
CNC machine tools can effectively reduce the processing time and auxiliary time of parts, the spindle speed of sound and feed of the CNC machine tool is large, allowing the machine to carry out a large amount of cutting force cutting. CNC machine tools are now entering the era of high-speed machining, CNC machine tool moving parts of the fast moving and positioning and high-speed machining, greatly improving the productivity. In addition, with the processing center of the knife and the use of the library, can be achieved on a machine tool for continuous processing of multi process, reducing the working process between the half of the turnover time, improve the productivity.
(5) improve working conditions
CNC machining before the adjustment is good, enter the program and start, the machine can be processed automatically and continuously until the end of processing. The operator to do just the program's input, editing, loading and unloading parts, tool preparation, processing observation, parts of the inspection work, labor intensity reduced, machine tool operator labor tends to intelligence work. In addition, the machine is generally combined, both clean and safe.
(6) the use of production management modernization
NC machine tool processing can be precisely pre estimated processing time and can be standardized on the use of tools, fixtures, modern management, easy to realize information processing standardization, has been with the computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD / CAM) organically combined, is the foundation of modern integrated manufacturing technology.

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