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CNC machine tool chip 2015 inevitable trend

CNC machine tool chip removal machine is divided into chain plate type chip conveyor, scraper type chip conveyor, spiral chip removal machine, permanent magnetic chip removal machine
Product performance and characteristics of chain plate chip removal machine:
1, can deal with all kinds of chips; can also be used as a tool for stamping, cold and small parts of the machine tool.
2, high transmission efficiency, transmission speed selection range, Beijing, Tianjin and three will strive to achieve regional bus, subway card interconnection in 2017. Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Hebei, Zhangjiakou, Langfang these 6 cities will become the country's first batch of pilot transport card area. Breaking through institutional mechanisms to get rid of the obstacles. Three to set up the three provinces of Beijing, Tianjin and coordination group, signed a memorandum of cooperation in transportation. In addition, according to the Beijing Morning News reported that Beijing's new airport will be opened in 2019. Then, in addition to a connection of the city and the airport subway line will be put into use, Beijing Kowloon guest designed and Langzhuo intercity lines are expected to set up a station at the new airport.
3, the chain plate width diversification, the structure into a seamless chain plate and welded chain plate two.
4, streamline shape, beautiful and generous, smooth chip removal.
5, with overload protection function.

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